Cancellation & Return

Our cancellation & Return Policies involve the provisions made by CA Tech Depot for order cancellation and/or the return and refund of orders through your buyer's account. These provisions may be updated from time to time, and thus is crucial for you to keep an eye on!

Published on: 28/02/2022

CA Tech Depot, the largest growing online Tech market in the USA, retains its place in the customer's heart and mind with some user-friendly policies and programs to help people shop tech well! One such is undeniably The Cancellation & Return Policies and Programs. This notice, an electronic record of CA Tech Depot's Provisions and Compliance, thereby, shall give you an insight into the terms and conditions of availing of replacements and refunds at the time of an  unsatisfactory delivery. 

Order Cancellation

CA Tech Depot allows you to cancel your orders under the following grounds.

  • You can cancel your order when a wrong item gets placed.

  • You can cancel and modify your order details if a wrong delivery location is placed.

  • You can cancel your order if the delivery time does not suit you.

  • You can cancel your order within 30 minutes after the order placement.

  • You can only cancel your order when the product is not shipped.

  • You can cancel your order if you face any product issue during the reception of the order.

CA Tech Depot does not provide a cancellation policy for all products. So, before proceeding with it, please check if the product category permits so!

Also, CA Tech Depot reserves the right to charge a partial fee for the cancellation of some specific orders. Besides, some order cancellations may not have a refund policy.

While availing of our cancellation policy, you agree to, -

  • CA Tech Depot's reservation to refuse refunds of the canceled order following prior cancellation history and questionable charges!

  • CA Tech Depot's appeal and use of necessary documents for verification before processing with the cancellation of the order!

  • The seller's rights of canceling your order on numerous grounds like exceeding the quantity limit of a specific product, maybe a delivery location

    issue, or otherwise!

Returns Schemes: Incorporating Replacements & Refunds Policies.

This scheme provided by the respective sellers of CA Tech Depot offers you the choices of replacements or refunds. The policies of each choice may vary as per the product category. A complete overview of the product page shall reflect your choices accordingly!

10 Days Replacement Scheme

CA Tech Depot launches a return policy scheme for the buyers named the 10 Days replacement Scheme, where, some items or product categories you choose to order are eligible to call for a replacement when encountered with any damages, defects, or differences upon its delivery. The replacement is free! The items or product category that falls under the free replacement within 10 days of the delivery policy are -

  • Desktops,

  • Monitors,

  • Pen Drives,

  • Hard Drives,

  • Memory Cards,

  • Internet Devices,

  • Computer Accessories,

  • Graphic Cards,

  • CPU,

  • Power Supplies,

  • Motherboards,

  • Cooling Devices,

  • TV cards,

  • Computing Components

Disclaimer!  Some specific items under the above-laid categories may be labeled as Non-Returnable. Those orders shall not be eligible for returns. So, please go through the item details before ordering. 


Please remember to keep the item in its original condition. A condition that includes, -

  • The brand outer box,

  • The MRP tags attached

  • The User manual,

  • Warranty cards,

  • CDs, and

  • Original accessories in manufacturer packaging. [This be for a successful return pick-up!]

The return stands refused if the field executive does not get the order in the conditions, asked above!

Within this scheme, we may facilitate the scheduling of a technician visit to your location for a few products, and on the basis of the technician's evaluation report, we allocate the appropriate resolutions.

Money-back Scheme

Sometimes, the seller may be unable to process a replacement of the same due to the end of the stock, backorders, or otherwise. In those cases, CA Tech Depot retains the refund rights for the buyers. Such a scheme to nurture the tech shopping of the marketplace users is coined as the Money-Back Scheme!


The refund will be processed only after receiving the return order and met with the conditions already mentioned in the previous 10 Days Replacement scheme and shall be given by electronic transfer or cash on-spot, solely depending on the seller’s discretion.

This scheme is applicable when, -

  • You do not receive the ordered item, or

  • The seller fails to provide the specific return scheme mentioned in the product listing at CA Tech Depot.

  • You only pay via credit card, debit card, Paypal, or CA Tech Depot’s Gift Voucher.

  • You do not seek resolution our the order issue through any other schemes.

  • You maintain the time frame given in the product details for taking action against an order issue.

Also, apart from the conditions of return asked in the product listings, you are eligible to ask for a money-back scheme for an order that covers the installation service from the CA Tech Depot's partners only when the product packaging is opened prior to the CA Tech Depot's Personnel.    

Your primary job is to file an order issue from your buyer's account at CA Tech Depot and avail of our return policy to shop effectively. Therefore, in case of an order issue, go to CA Tech Depot Customer Support - To Order Enquiry - and ask   for the resolution therein!