Our Story: Leverage our 25+ years of experience in Tech Innovation!

Established in 1996, California Tech Depot has come a long way, toppling many obstacles in between. We function with an expert team of caregivers at every level, under one of the globally recognized brands to offer a diverse range of technological products, the business unit, Hyundai Technology. So, the legacy we carry forward does not stand alone with the latest technology but also smart designs.

Since our appearance on the stage of the technology market, we have partnered with numerous brands, namely, ASUS, Buffalo, Canon, Dell, Intel, Lenovo, and so forth. After working with so many global brands, we got to expand the stocks of our Depot and present the best ones to our customers. 

 Fortunately, and more by the efforts of all team members, our platform now leaves room for both consumers and sellers to enrich the scopes of advancement put forward by Tech. We believe the success and growth of an individual as well as an organization can only come from trust and relationships between and among the participants.

Our Visions and Aims?

When life is all about exploring the unknown possibilities, it seeks safe, easy, and qualitative performances, be it at `home, at the workplace, throughout the town, and across the globe. Thy is our vision that rises into remembering every time we aspire to innovate technologies and present them in front of you.

In the continuously changing everyday cultures of the world, we hold certain aims and objectives. Discover what they are down the line!

ü   Our mission primarily revolves around consistently raising the bars of livelihood both in terms of style and performance. 

ü   We aim to deliver the right product at the right time and at the right place. Of course, the one that suits your need! 

ü   We aim to supply a complete portfolio of technologies that fit your beautifully decorated house and the decent or discreet decors of your workplace. 

ü    Our objective also encompasses the encouragement of environment-friendly habits in reducing carbon footprints. That is why our team of caregivers continuously motivates technology brands to manufacture products with digital carbon footprints.

What business ethics do we pertain to and encourage? - Building a Community!

We, at CA Tech Depot, do not limit the “we” to only our employees. On the contrary, we aspire to build a community. A community that reflects the “we” as - Our Staff, Our Associates, Our Affiliates, and Our Customers & Audiences! 

That is why we hold and encourage all the aforementioned members to participate in our community-building project with -

ü   Teamwork & Trust:   Only collaborative efforts can help us accomplish our common purpose. The purpose of enhance digital lives across the globe! So, our Tech Depot encourages all fellow participants to trust one another and together face the struggles in Tech innovation. Finally appearing unified and victorious - A Tech Community standing tall!

ü   Responsibility & Respect:   With opportunities come responsibilities to sustain them! While all of us are keen to acquire the opportunities provided by Tech, why not uptake and commit to its responsibilities; good or bad? Our Depot encourages all members, especially the category of service providers herein, to take the responsibility of delivering the perfect products and also for addressing issues. We encourage you, as either of the participants, to respect the community protocols, and of course, each other, in availing of our marketplace. That’s when we can express ourselves and personalize Tech usage!

ü   Confidence, Clarity, & Consistency:     Perhaps, these three values are crucial for any pursuit of living! Together these values give us the power to inculcate positive results, and CA Tech Depot seeks to keep contributing with positive results in Tech usage. It is, exactly, why we call all our members to breed a character of our Depot that contains it all! 

ü    Safety & Security:     While the world is getting filled with scammers and hackers in continuous search for Tech loopholes, it’s time for us to reserve a healthy market environment with efficient guards. CA tech Depot aspires to keep such guards at every level of our service until the product reaches the buyer’s doorstep! 

An Inclusive, Diverse, & Qualitative Workplace: Reinforcing Tech Knowledge!

CA Tech  Depot offers an inclusive workplace where every individual can come forward in Tech innovation with their unique set of ideas and points of view. Our ability to offer customers the accurate products of their needs relies on the assimilation of these unique perspectives and knowledge, coming from the diverse people who work herein. 

Yes, for this reason, we intend to hire talents from diverse backgrounds and continuously search for different ways to empower the underrepresented voices within and outside our business community. 

Resources we offer:

For amplifying the Qualitative Character of the workplace, CA Tech Depot generously allocates some resources, such as - 

ü   Flexible paid leaves for parents, without any discrimination of age, gender, caste, or creed.

ü   20 weeks of paid leaves for Pregnant employees.

ü   Medical insurance for all, without any discrimination of age, gender, caste, or creed.

ü   Comprehensive Coverage to ensure protection at times of unexpected accidents.

ü   Frequent counseling programs to combat and manage work stress and anxieties.

ü   Gender Transition Benefits, wherever possible.   

Learning  & Career Development Programs:

While building the future is inevitably interesting and fun, it isn’t as easy as it looks. Hence, our employees at CA Tech Depot are not only encouraged to bring into the pot the news ideas and perspectives but also build one as their own. Allowing our employees to learn from their failures, of course, taken as our collective failure, we offer various learning & career development programs, such as -

ü   Technical & Soft  Skill Development Programs

ü   Product & Service Training Programs

ü   Information Security Training Programs

ü   Workplace Safety Training Programs

ü   Workplace Diversity, Anti-Harassment, & Awareness Learning Programs

ü   Self-help Counselling Programs

ü   12-months Early Career Programs

ü   Communication Enhancement Programs

ü   Leadership & Mentoring Programs


Our affinity groups, also called the Employees Resource Groups, continuously work to provide an inclusive work environment for the pursuits of-

ü   Women,

ü   LGBTQ+ Community,

ü   Working Students,

ü   Working Parents,

ü   Racial and Ethnic Minorities of California. 

In a nutshell, the affinity group is the support channel for our employees, particularly meant to safeguard the interests of the under-empowered voices within our workplace and beyond. Thereupon, enriching the quality of functioning across our online community!

What products do we offer at CA Tech Depot?   
Chief Executive Officer

The list of products we offer is indeed unending, as we work persistently to update and upgrade Tech in our Depot. However, to mention a few for your understanding, here they go!

ü Laptops

ü PCs

ü Tablets

ü Notebooks

ü Hard drives

ü SSD Cards

ü Printers

ü Connector Cables

ü Display

ü Various accessories And myriads of other Tech. 

Many new smart types of equipment are in stock. When may we see you here?

Why choose us?

While building the future is inevitably interesting and fun, it isn’t as easy as it looks. Hence, our employees at CA Tech Depot are not only encouraged to bring into the pot the news ideas and perspectives but also build one as their own. Allowing our employees to learn from their failures, of course, taken as our collective failure, we offer various learning & career development programs, such as -

ü   CA Tech Depot prioritizes customer choice for shipping that too as fast as never before. 

ü   CA Tech Depot offers products of 50+ Global Brands, and the figure tends to increase daily.

ü   CA Tech Depot provides specialized customer support with categories of order support, Tech support, and sales inquiry for a span of 24*7. 

ü   CA Tech Depot renders enormous discounts and loyalty offers for regular customers.

ü   CA Tech Depot allows free return and free delivery provisions alongside a flexible and safe payment model.

The leading brands working with our depot
Testimonials: Seller's Success
“We are delighted to announce that even when we are sleeping, CA Tech Depot is taking care of our online tech exports in the USA. Our 200% business growth in a year, undoubtedly, goes to their credit!”
Manu Jain
“We began with a 300 square feet office when we first signed up with CA Tech Depot’s Seller Campaigns in 2018. Now, we have a 10,000 square feet  headquarter and five more corporate offices around the USA, catering to over twenty lakh of customers through the One-Click Affairs they render!”
Michael Alcatara
“CA Tech Depot helped me grow my small-scale tech business into a larger one in just two years. Today, I am able to reach out to a diverse audience and gain a surplus of the ROI through their online marketplace. “  
Nuria Stephens
Testimonials: Customer Satisfaction
“I have made two purchases from CA Tech Depot, one being a pre-built Gaming PC, another is a mini-tablet. I must say that they have one of the fastest shipping services in California. I got my products on the very same day as the purchase order. My experience with them till now is really good, and expect it to remain so!”
Christin Joseph, California
“Whenever I need to buy cheap laptops online, CA tech Depot is my first choice! I avail of their service since 2019 and have never been disappointed. I started to love them more after they exclusively offered me a very low price PC as a loyalty token after my 10 purchases.”   
Shelle Gomes, Mexico
“I got some cheapest Laptops deals from CA Tech Depot for the very first time I shopped from their online marketplace. Such opportunities for me, as a new customer of their business, kept me stuck with them for the last 4 years. Nowadays, I find multiple offers & discounts that they personalize solely for me. Some of the quality products I bought from them were a new monitor, a cool video game, a pair of headphones, and my all-time favorite, the mini-tablet.” 
JP Obrien, Texas